Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Rudy & Lanelle | Clayton, NC Wedding Photography

Rudy and Lanelle have a love for Marvel. I loved seeing how they incorporated that love throughout their entire wedding. The entire wedding day everyone was smiling or laughing. We had so much fun capturing this wonderful group of people.  photo 2106_CAP_-3_zpsix8ge675.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-23_zpsqkpdwuzu.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-5_zpskblbrhc4.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-6_zpsoogqevsk.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-7_zpsccv1kqe1.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-4_zpsen3z2ucl.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-2_zpsalo75iay.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-1_zpsv3kmadjk.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-21_zpslulzdxy5.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-9_zpsruckb0zv.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-10_zpspivailwk.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-11_zpskikuiuj1.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-12_zpsjexkck0g.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-19_zps8tskpnqt.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-16_zps14wmweoc.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-14_zpsyhkz0ube.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-18_zpsqonu61dk.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-17_zpsojoxlofa.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-15_zpsesl3bqqx.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-8_zpsptqbz4fr.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-20_zpsfv9amhdj.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-24_zpsaipzrrs8.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-22_zpsryv5wt0y.jpg

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