Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kaitlyne | Holly Springs, NC Bridal Portraits | Leslie Alfred Mim's House

Kaitlyne had her dress custom made, and goodness was it perfect! The lace sleeves, the bow in the back, everything! She also used her mother's veil. We started her bridal portraits at sunrise. It was a little chilly, but 100% worth it!  photo 20151207_CAB_0002_zpshtq5oc5z.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0001_zps5anlrwih.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0004_zpshsh5emmc.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0005_zpsu3oihikp.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0003_zps0yiydwdm.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0006_zpsm6g6csdq.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0007_zpssohowgec.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0008_zpsfitfuouh.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0009_zpskwiijt2j.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0010_zpsybmj5sd3.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0012_zpst6a6qnpa.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0013_zpsvokgrqjg.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0011_zps6qgwcm9d.jpg  photo 20160104_CAB_0015_zps9jgjpubj.jpg  photo 20151207_CAB_0014_zpsjjk3mtw1.jpg

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