Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Megan | Raleigh, NC Bridal Portraits

Megan's dress was probably was of the most gorgeous and detailed wedding dress I have seen. It was stunning! The brides soon-to-be sister in law found this sunflower field and I absolutely fell in love with it. It really is a photographers dream. The flowers were gorgeous, but they had some pretty high competition with Megan!  photo 20150712_CAB_0005_zps1p0fpuos.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0001_zpsyqxhwcuk.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0004_zpsg5quqbpq.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0003_zpsn5mdkle9.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0007_zpswr5cpfyd.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0010_zpstkv4llft.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0011_zps9sxrk75d.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0012_zpsuv4wgxuh.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0013_zpsvllaaoca.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0017_zpsr22wdbsg.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0016_zpskysuo8zg.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0019_zpsgwo25vod.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0020_zps6ehc08it.jpg  photo 20150813_CAB_0025_zps7qg4mioo.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0022_zpstdld471k.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0023_zps1gavx4ml.jpg  photo 20150712_CAB_0024_zpsslacutun.jpg

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