Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kaleigh | Holly Springs, NC Bridal Portraits | Leslie-Alfred Mims House

Did you know there is a new wedding venue that opened up in Holly Springs? Well there is, and it is beautiful!! Go to their website to find more info about them here. I love that they allow photographers to come and take photos at their venue. This place is just perfect for bridal portraits! Kaleigh has such an infectious smile and sweet personality. Also, her dress! THE DETAILS. Check out all the details on her dress, I'm slightly obsessed! Kaleigh got married today, so I'm finally able to share these beauties.  photo 20150514_CAB_0001_zpse74zhyis.jpg  photo 20150514_CAB_0002_zpshh2elo2h.jpg  photo 20150514_CAB_0003_zpscufzgmhx.jpg  photo 20150514_CAB_0004_zpsyqez2hio.jpg  photo 20150514_CAB_0005_zps77vmngul.jpg  photo 20150514_CAB_0006_zpsmj8dm6xx.jpg  photo 20150603_CAB_0012_zpsxol6bgan.jpg  photo 20150514_CAB_0007_zpsihwob1kq.jpg  photo 20150514_CAB_0008_zpsibltk77t.jpg  photo 20150514_CAB_0009_zpsmjussria.jpg  photo 20150514_CAB_0011_zpsjm53jqrl.jpg  photo 20150603_CAB_0014_zpsofickamg.jpg  photo 20150514_CAB_0010_zpsgz9muucj.jpg

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Wenni Donna said...

What an iconic wedding!! The bride resembles of a queen. I just love her dress! In very next week I am also going to tie knot with my fiancé. We have reserved grand reception halls in Atlanta for our destination royal wedding!