Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ben & Hunter | Painesville, OH Wedding Photography | Red Hawk Grille

Ben is my first cousin, and I had the honor of shooting his wedding! Ben & Hunter got married at Blue Rock Camp, following a gorgeous reception at Red Hawk Grille. Normally May in Ohio means rain. Lots and lots of rain. But after much prayer, it didn't rain one bit. As you will see from the photos, everything was outside and it could have not been any better. They did a first look, so we were able to take bridal party + bride and groom photos. It was perfect! Thanks for letting me shoot your wedding Ben, it was my pleasure.  photo 20150603_CAB_0003_zpstcs424q5.jpg  photo 20150603_CAB_0005_zpsenc8x29w.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0007_zps1gjeojch.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0008_zps7gsx2ibk.jpg  photo 20150603_CAB_0012_zpsdg5hnz5z.jpg  photo 20140523_CAB_0029_zps8gswszoi.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0009_zpsyp9me2tp.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0013_zpsocw99g7n.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0011_zpsmpgbnoao.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0014_zpsbuho8639.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0015_zpsftkdm0xo.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0016_zpsduunit7h.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0017_zpsnoki2fdr.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0018_zpslbvy40hc.jpg  photo 20150603_CAB_0002_zpsyduyaizg.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0019_zpswj9cncl0.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0020_zpsm1rodmwk.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0021_zpstpuewdya.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0022_zpsv1fin0tc.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0023_zpsuzxcjyqx.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0024_zpsvg5j6kc2.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0025_zpsh65q6qnj.jpg  photo 20150603_CAB_0001_zpsubwfptru.jpg  photo 20150603_CAB_0004_zpstmkfhli0.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0026_zpsrqxunpnr.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0027_zpsajaxnbiv.jpg  photo 20150603_CAB_0006_zpsi7y50juc.jpg  photo 20150524_CAB_0028_zps7r0dd5bt.jpg

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