Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Benditz Family | Lillington, NC Family Photography | Raven Rock, Lillington NC

I love when clients come back for more family photos over the years. It's such a great way to keep up with them, and see how much the kids GROW! It blows my mind sometimes. For their shoot we went and hiked through Raven Rock. Hiked? Yes, over 2 miles to get to rock part. But the 2 miles was definitely worth it!  photo 20131026_CAB_0001_zpsd1c0d883.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0003_zpsd934b05d.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0002_zpscdb9f13a.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0004_zps7c400162.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0005_zpsc9722dd9.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0006_zps97a95229.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0011_zps65567c93.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0007_zps6473a318.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0009_zpsf0197c94.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0008_zpsf25fa01d.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0010_zps47ab3886.jpg  photo 20131026_CAB_0012_zps38ea0a81.jpg

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