Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Silas, Evalyn, Kaila | Durham, NC Children Photography

These are my sisters children. I take pictures of them yearly, and I just love to see how they change! My mom also wanted pictures of her and her grandbabies. I love seeing my son in those photos now!  photo 20141008_CAB_0004_zps345cfcdd.jpg  photo 20141008_CAB_0005_zps9902b117.jpg  photo 20141008_CAB_0003_zps8464fe13.jpg  photo 20141008_CAB_0001_zpsfbb0cd41.jpg  photo 20141008_CAB_0006_zps346a2206.jpg  photo 20141008_CAB_0007_zpsf2e4ac53.jpg  photo 20141008_CAB_0010_zpsafbcbfa1.jpg  photo 20141008_CAB_0009_zpsb07bebc0.jpg  photo 20141008_CAB_0011_zps7e6fd639.jpg  photo 20141008_CAB_0012_zpsb6261201.jpg

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