Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lina & Alex | Raleigh, NC Children Photographer | Yates Mill, Raleigh NC

I just have one sister, so I could definitely relate to Lina & Alex on how a true sister bond is. I had such a great time capturing their personalities. You can tell they have a pretty great bond.  photo 20131031_CAB_0006_zps48685c3d.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0005_zps51ad7cfc.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0002_zps76368829.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0003_zpsdb8906dc.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0004_zps58039a1d.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0007_zps45956ef2.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0008_zps2e0f3c14.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0009_zps76a96734.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0011_zps06925532.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0001_zps23e115a3.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0010_zpsd24f0654.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0012_zps7ac45d6d.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0014_zps127a3217.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0013_zpsd216151f.jpg  photo 20131031_CAB_0015_zpsca287fd7.jpg

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