Monday, October 27, 2014

Lessin Family Photos | Raleigh, NC Family Photographer | NC State Arboretum

Morgan was a bridesmaid for one of the weddings that I shot. She contacted me wanting to get some pictures done for her family. It was a great time not only to catch up and see how she was doing, but it was wonderful getting to meet and know her family. What a sweet family indeed! Had a great time taking their family photos. No doubt, this family is very close.

 photo 20140511_CAB_0004_zpsc0971973.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0002_zps5bcdbbdb.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0003_zps899dae40.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0001_zpse8ed9dd1.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0005_zpsbbc4169c.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0008_zps31611244.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0006_zps54457288.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0010_zps50773043.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0009_zps9031a5b1.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0011_zps804c2985.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0012_zps32fb60f0.jpg  photo 20140511_CAB_0013_zps174ac0e6.jpg

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