Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bride & Groom Styled Shoot | Raleigh, NC Wedding Photography

A local photographer and friend of mine, started up a conference called Clic. The first day was a conference filled with wonderful speakers, and the second day was a full out styled shoot. There were so many wonderful vendors who participated, and everything was just beautiful.

If you are bride in the Raleigh area, please consider using these amazing vendors below. As you can see from the photos I took below, they do wonderful work!

 photo 20140322_CAB_0001_zpse7563d05.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0002_zps1b46185c.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0005_zps6349eb80.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0003_zps9a6199be.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0004_zpsfe841942.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0006_zps7c1662e7.jpg

 photo 20141016_CAB_0017_zps82e7974a.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0007_zps54a0381b.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0009_zpsf70b3541.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0010_zpsd45f91f0.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0008_zpsf100e273.jpg

 photo 20141016_CAB_0018_zps2fa94132.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0012_zps1503ea4a.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0011_zps473d293b.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0015_zpsf3c82140.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0014_zps3016767c.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0013_zpsd9e0c351.jpg

 photo 20140322_CAB_0016_zps35fc9a83.jpg

 photo 20141016_CAB_0019_zpsd0b17fcd.jpg

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