Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Alfred + Liz | Durham, NC Wedding Photography

I had such a great time second shooting this wedding. It was also the first wedding, where we went to four different locations  on the day of. Different place for getting ready, formals, ceremony, and reception. Definitely a busy day, but got some wonderful photos!

P.S. I'm obsessed with her red hair.

 photo 20130907_CAB_0001_zps5c3062fc.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0003_zpsf40300d6.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0002_zps67ce25c0.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0004_zps871fada9.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0005_zpsa9f0ad31.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0006_zpsb87c7599.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0007_zps95875b36.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0010_zpsc79b6762.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0008_zpsb5caf78b.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0012_zpse20b2a09.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0011_zpsf2416e62.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0009_zps878e7653.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0013_zps3112fc64.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0014_zpsf358fd58.jpg

 photo 20130907_CAB_0016_zps5818f94c.jpg