Saturday, October 19, 2013

Elwyn & Mercoita | Brier Creek Country Club Raleigh, NC Wedding Photography

I had the please of second shooting Elwyn & Mercoita's wedding. She was such a laid back bride with wonderful attention to detail. I mentioned to her that her bouquet was one of the prettiest I have ever seen and she was like, "Then girl you can have it!" Wait. What? Did I hear her right? Yes! She made me take it home since I loved it that much. Congratulations to you both!!
   photo 20130831_CAB_0004_zpsf649e512.jpg photo 20130831_CAB_0001_zps5cdfd154.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0002_zps4291fd8b.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0003_zps83ca41d7.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0005_zpse97747c7.jpg  photo 20131019_CAB_0016_zpsb306f00c.jpg  photo 20131019_CAB_0015_zps050fe978.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0007_zps24e3304e.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0010_zps4601b806.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0011_zpsad099bf3.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0006_zps42355d9f.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0012_zps7ca12e30.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0013_zpsc24d762a.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0014_zps42f94712.jpg  photo 20130831_CAB_0009_zps46624a22.jpg

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