Thursday, October 10, 2013

Elijah's Birth | Fayetteville, NC Birth Session

Candace found out she was pregnant in December, and her husband deployed in February. Our husbands have been best friends since they were 6. They grew up on the same street together for years. When Candace asked me if I could be apart of her firstborns birth, I was so excited! I wanted to 1) make sure Jeff (being in Afghanistan) would still be able to be apart of the whole experience 2) to take pictures of all the little moments that Jeff may not be able to see from his computer screen. It all happened on labor day weekend. Literally. Over 35 hours of labor, Elijah was finally here!! Over all Jeff was able to be on Skype for over 15 hours and with that, my mission was accomplished.  photo 20130901_CAB_0001_zps43b1e0f5.jpg  photo 20130901_CAB_0002_zpsc113eeb2.jpg  photo 20130901_CAB_0003_zpsba2513e4.jpg  photo 20130901_CAB_0004_zps15831ed3.jpg  photo 20130901_CAB_0005_zpsf5dbe9e1.jpg  photo 20130901_CAB_0006_zps91201f35.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0007_zpsbc81c0ac.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0008_zps75220dc5.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0009_zps86be3d6c.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0010_zps66443099.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0011_zps60f25057.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0012_zps3fbb3064.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0013_zpsdebf3355.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0014_zps67241151.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0015_zpsd6d24a11.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0019_zpscb0cfa93.jpg  photo 20130902_CAB_0021_zps239369d4.jpg

At this point I was up for over 44 hours with only 5 hours of sleep, and it was SO worth it.  photo 20130902_CAB_0017_zps072f296a.jpg

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