Friday, June 21, 2013

The Schadd Family | Durham, NC Family Portraits

This family recently adopted a boy from Africa and wanted to get some new family photos with him in it! Adoption is such a wonderful thing. This family sure does love their new addition. They were such a great family to meet!  photo 20130621_CAB_0001_zpsab01fecc.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0002_zps7595df6a.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0003_zpsd9a0db31.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0004_zps9ccd8c47.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0005_zps4412b737.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0006_zps0b92bd52.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0007_zps1f9fe936.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0008_zpsacb7b5e9.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0009_zps05655221.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0010_zps39e3abf7.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0011_zpsd108aa2e.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0012_zpsb085b3be.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0013_zps59474f00.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0014_zps910ea355.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0015_zps4e59523b.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0016_zps22c3b5ed.jpg  photo 20130621_CAB_0017_zps404e8fa6.jpg

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