Saturday, April 20, 2013

Joseph & Dana | Fuquay Varina, NC Engagement Photos

I met Dana when I was ten. I met Joseph when I was 12ish? They were great friends growing up, and I am beyond thrilled that they are getting married!! Best friend with a great guy I have known for years who is perfect for her? Yes please!! A couple of months ago when Dana got engaged she asked me if I wanted to either shoot her wedding or be a bridesmaid. At first I contemplated doing both. I think it would be very do-able to hide my camera in my bouquet. I'm sure some florist out there could work some magic. I would love, love, love to shoot her wedding. But being friends for years, I did not want to view her big day through a camera. But I wanted to shoot her engagement photos and bridal for her! So here are their engagement photos. They are just the best..  photo 20130415_CAB_0003_zps507d7651.jpg  photo 20130415_CAB_0001_zps1275ad66.jpg  photo 20130415_CAB_0002_zps7f36e48a.jpg  photo 20130415_CAB_0004_zpsd283ed69.jpg  photo 20130415_CAB_0005_zpsa403663f.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0006_zps3a27d51d.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0007_zpscb7fbff1.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0008_zpsea9fcf5c.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0009_zpsd47c774e.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0010_zpsa971708f.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0011_zpsd7f2870b.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0012_zps8a38bd0e.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0013_zps84a2a206.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0014_zps9332e2f9.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0016_zps4e3f97f8.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0019_zpsf382877e.jpg  photo 20130413_CAB_0018_zps792ebe6b.jpg

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