Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Martin Family | Chapel Hill, NC Family Photography

Kelly is a photographer friend of mine! She wanted to get some pictures of her family, as well as some updated photos for her photography business. It is always a honor to photograph another photographer. Why? Because we photographers are picky. Kelly is great behind the camera, but she's even better in front of it. :)  photo 20130219_CAB_0008_zps264c1843.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0009_zpsddb93039.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0002_zps49d1fd4e.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0016_zps44b14419.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0003_zps57501431.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0001_zpsbbbc5653.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0005_zpsf6d9cc74.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0006_zps2187e4e1.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0007_zpsc72a4b33.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0013_zps65619ba4.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0012_zps532d2d29.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0011_zpsf0a46ddc.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0010_zps6048d581.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0017_zps058cb3f3.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0015_zpsd8353131.jpg  photo 20130219_CAB_0004_zps79e40838.jpg

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