Friday, January 18, 2013

Tyler & Jessie | Barclay Villa Fuquay Varina, NC Wedding Photography

Tyler & Jessie are one of those couples that you will fall in love with after 5 minutes. They are so sweet to each other, and they way the smile at each other is just too sweet. Tyler has liked Jessie for the past 9 years. Three days before Christmas, he married his sweetheart. I has such a blast shooting their wedding. EVERYONE included in their wedding day was just thrilled for them. I'm glad I was able to be apart of it.  photo 20130108_CAB_0002_zps5cf54c73.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0001_zps9d8881ca.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0003_zps745879f3.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0004_zps842741ab.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0005_zps24615472.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0008_zps45ceb4e8.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0009_zps22ae943c.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0010_zps67ee1b53.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0011_zps7d08b517.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0013_zpsa13dbe1a.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0014_zpsea47f3df.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0016_zpsb900d531.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0017_zpscaa3eee4.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0018_zpsd60d1f18.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0039_zpsc0949e3d.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0020_zps9cf5502c.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0021_zps271ace2e.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0022_zps49a92830.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0023_zps4f8bba17.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0024_zpsd0c0de8a.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0026_zps5bb6993d.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0028_zps63367c66.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0029_zps978453a6.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0030_zpsdc118f1d.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0032_zpsf8c8ec57.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0034_zps5ab22457.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0042_zpsf51d4f54.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0035_zpsdd3c61c7.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0036_zps2703d687.jpg  photo 20130108_CAB_0037_zpsa1fe312d.jpg

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