Friday, April 9, 2010


On March 22nd my boyfriend of 3 years asked me to marry him!

We were in the mountains with his family on a mini-vacation and we went to go to Linville Falls [Boone, NC] Gid and I get to the top of the waterfall and we reach this rock platform. As we get there it stared snowing. The top of the waterfall was just gorgeous! Then we sit down on this ledge and he pull out a piece of paper that's entitled "Reasons why I love Christi!" he starts to read this to me and I start to tear up. Then we he finishes he gets down on both knees and ask that one simple question. "Will you marry me?" as soon as he finishes that question I start BALLING!!! [I mean ugly balling. scrunched up red face] After I compose myself, I say yes! :)


Of course I took a picture of him while he was still on his knees. ;)


Right after her proposed. You can tell I was crying...






Abigail Smith said...

Congratulations Christi! Many blessings to you in this new phase of your life! :)

Ashleigh said...

Yay. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh NO! Not the ugly cry!

Christi, I am thrilled for you and Gideon. And I have to say, I think that is the prettiest ring I have ever seen. It is so unique and dainty. Gid did a great job!

Mrs. Branch

photogirl said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! =)

diana beck said...

Congratulations to both of you. What a wonderful thing he did in naming off what he loves about you! How could anyone say no after that!

Gideon Burnett said...

I love you! I waited way too long! Im sorry I did not do it sooner ;)

Christi Ann Photography said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Gid - You waited the perfect amount of time. :) Love you!

jamiedelaine said...

YESSSSSS. love engagements. ;)