Friday, February 12, 2010

The Winner(s)

I have never really been good at making certain choices. So, needless to say I picked everyone who entered!! So all the couples below will get a FREE shoot with me! I hope you enjoy their stories just as much as I did.

Couple #- Dillon & Dana | Submitted by Dillon

The story begins with two high school sophomores in an extremely boring English class. It is as if by fate that these two students are sitting next to each other. The boy, sitting with his bangs dangling in front of his eyes, which are nervously and constantly shifting to his left, then rapidly shifting back if the slightest glance is returned. The girl sits quietly doing her work, aware of the looks, but not quite sure how to react. Then, in one bold act of courage, the boy blurts out and asks "Can I borrow your notes?" and seems startled at himself for speaking up. The girl, equally shocked, agrees. Their eyes finally meet for longer than a millisecond and smiles light their faces.

From this first encounter, the two have now become good friends that are the only thing keeping each other sane in this boring English class. They talk and text all the time, and even hang out for a group project at each others house. There is obviously an attraction of sorts, however they never act upon it...yet.

One year from sophomore English. A whole summer and semester have gone by with the two speaking every now and then. It is the last month of Junior English first period, and the two begin speaking again. They reminisce about the fun times had as sophomores, and how they really should talk again. They soon begin working at the same place soon after, and talk more than ever.

Later that month, we find the couple talking as the boy gets a ride home from work, where they have both just spent their nights together having fun together. As they pull up the driveway, the conversation dies out, and they are left in silence parked. And then with even more courage than the first encounter, the boy leans over and their lips connect. The young couple is now joyous with the feelings they have for each other.
Soon after, the couple begins dating. They now spend their weekends and at least one week day spending together. They learn more and more about each other, and everything just seems to work. They'll be dating for 7 months minus one day on Valentine's day. And the boy has to say...

She's perfect in every way for me. She's funny, talented, shares the same passion for music that I do, beautiful, outgoing, and overall just makes me happy. Her name even starts with a D, too! I love spending every minute that I can with her, and I'm extremely happy with our relationship. We're there for each other, and I know we will be for a long long time. I love her more than I've ever loved anybody, and I could not picture myself without her.


Couple #2- Mike & Martha | Submitted by Martha

Why I love the Man I love......

It all started in 8th grade. No,not the love affair but the praying. In chapel one day, a preacher urged us kids to start right now praying for our future mates. I said, “what the heck”, it couldn’t hurt anything. So that is what I did. I prayed every night for the man who one day would hopefully be my soul mate. Little did I know that the man I would be marrying was just entering the army. He definitely needed the prayers.

I continued praying until I was almost 17. Then it happened. At a youth group bonfire, this young looking kid got out of a really shiny red jeep. I first noticed his bright blonde hair and then his bright white teeth. Cheesy, I know but that is what struck me first. The next thing I noticed was how young he looked. Cute, but too young for me I thought. HA!! God definitely has a sense of humor. He was quite a bit older than I was.

So, the guy hung around. He started coming to church and getting involved. A few months later he asked me for a date. Well, I thought, NOW it’s getting interesting. As much as I wanted to say yes, I told him I would only date him if my Daddy said it was ok. Much to my surprise, Daddy said yes but with one stipulation.......well there were quite a few stipulations but the major one was that this handsome guy had to go through a bible study book with my Dad. Not expecting him to do this at all, I told this guy the requirement and much to my surprise he agreed, gladly I might add.

So, fast forward 5 years. We had wanted to get married early but dear

ol’ Daddy insisted that I get out of college first. Hurray for him..... that was a VERY smart move and one I am forever grateful he made me accomplish! We planned my dream wedding in a country church in the town where my Grandparents lived. We had the horse drawn carriage and everything. There is NOTHING about that day that I would change other than I wish it all could have lasted longer. I will never forget that day.

Fast forward once again 4 more years. We are still happily married. Shocking I know! We have one biological son who my husband loves probably too much-if that’s possible. We have also just recently returned from a 6 week trip to Ukraine to adopt our special needs little girl. My husband was my rock in Ukraine. He always would lighten the mood and seriousness of the situation by making me laugh. He then agreed to stay 3 more weeks by himself to bring our little girl home so I could go home to be with our very homesick son. He is the most selfless man I know.

So here we are at the end of my love story. I could go on and on but I’d fill up too many pages. I thank God for bringing Mike Evans into my life. He could not be a better husband or father to my children and more than anything, I treasure his friendship.


Couple #3- Corrie & Ryan | Submitted by Corrie

Ryan and I met last October right before Halloween. Neither one of us were looking for anything serious and just wanted to have fun. We went on 1 date and then I went to Boston a long weekend. So after our first date we weren't really able to talk and didn't know what the other one was thinking!

From October to December we went out about once every week or so. Each time having more fun than the last. In January, Ryan invited me to go skiing with him and some friends. I had NEVER tried skiing but wanted to spend time with him so I said yes! This is the trip that changed everything! We had a wonderful ride up until we almost drove off the mountain and I had to literally crawl out of the car to keep it from going over! Talk about dramatic! We recovered from this and had a great night tubing with his friends. Next up: ski lessons for Korrie (aka tears and swearing!) Yep, Ryan's ski lessons weren't the most brilliant and left me frustrated and upset. I told him to go and ski without me and I would try again later. Well, I get up the nerve to try again and skied down perfectly without falling. Ryan cheered me on the whole way down. The next day, as we are heading home...I realized that Ryan and I had an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend despite two rather trying events. This was my revelation, if we could survive a rough weekend and still leave smiling and laughing...this was how I wanted to spend the rest of my life!

We have been absolutely inseparable ever since! Even when we have rough days, we can always end them with an "I love you" and a smile!


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

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