Monday, March 2, 2009

Lily | Fuquay Varina, NC Portraits

When I was taking Georgia's pictures, her sister Lily came and tagged along. After I was done with Georgia, she asked if I had to time to do a shoot of her. Of course I did! We headed to downtown Fuquay and started taking pictures. Boy, was it FREEZING! I couldn't feel my hands and she couldn't feel her face. Despite the cold wind, we managed to get some good pictures! :)


jamiedelaine said...

Oooh! Christi!! #4 is my favourite. But I love 6, 7 and 8 too!!

Elayna said...

Wow! These are really nice. I love the locations!

babyarnie said...

They are gorgeous. I love the one with the broken TV.!! Great work as usual.

Leah Bowman said...

LOVELY!!!! Love them!! :) The TV is great.

Elizabeth said...

Shes gorgeous!

Christi Ann Photography said...

Jamie- I really like those too! lol

Elayna- Thanks! It was a new location that I tried out and I think it went pretty well. :)

Martha- Yeah, I was shocked when I saw the TV there. It was perfect.

Leah- Thanks! I think the TV added a lot to it.

Elizabeth- Oh yes she is. lol