Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pics are up!

All the pictures are up! Here is the link to all of them, just click on vacation. Enjoy! :)


Mia said...

Hi Christi!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've actually been on your blog a few times before, I'm just too lazy to introduce myself :) I think I found you through Joelle's blog. I love your pics from Aruba! Ok, for some reason I think I know you from somewhere. We used to live in NC, and moved to FL a few years ago. Do you or did you go to FBC? I think we used to go to church together when I was little. Anyway, you're a great photographer!

Christi Ann Photography said...

Mia- Thank you! Yes, you do know me! :) lol, I did go to FBC with you and your family. :) You have grown up a TON since the last time i saw you. Your pictures are good too! I can see you improving more and more. Keep it up. :)