Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day

On Labor Day a few friends of mine got together and we decided to go fishing!! A lot of people don't know this..but I LOVE fishing. But, waiting to catch a fish..didn't like that at all. Plus I didn't even catch a fish.. :(

So Stephanie, Andrew, and I were fishing for about 45 minutes and didn't catch anything. Only a few nibbles here and there. Then, Gid decides to try and fish...and in less than 5 minutes he catches a bass. Not fair..but whatever. lol, we all had fun! :)

Sitting and trying to wait patiently to catch a fish..!

Hannah looking adorable like normal..

Bass Pro Shop! (I just thought this was a cool shot!)

Isn't he cute?

His catch of the day!

I guess he always wanted to kiss a fish..

Andrew looking all scruffy.


gideon said...

haha, good times! i was really hoping it was a turtle that i got :(

i had no idea that you liked to fish!
i used to all the time! back when i was really young when we lived on a lake :)

Christi Ann Photography said...

Haha, why would you rather want a turtle? lol, and I though you knew that I liked how to fish..hmm. We are defiantly going fishing at least once a month! :)

Elizabeth said...

How can ya not like fishin?