Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yesterday my friend Cait and I (plus our moms) traveled 3 hours to Charlotte to listen to the most AMAZING photographer ever. David Jay. Listening to him speak was just an amazing opportunity that we both got. Not only is David an amazing photographer, but he is an amazing man of God. He has traveled through many states speaking with the Free To Succeed Tour. He doesn't even make much money doing this, but yet he wants to help a lot of people!! I couldn't thank him enough for coming!

So, when we arrived we saw the big tour bus! When Cait has the brilliant idea to go and take a picture with us and the bus! Of course I was like "What?! NO!! WHAT IF THEY ARE IN THERE?!?" I kinda freak out like that..a lot. But I got over my fear of man and we took a picture!

So, while we were taking this picture. We hear the door open of the bus..and we go to look and David Jay walks out and says "Can I be in the picture with you?" So, of course we both just FREAKED OUT!! As Mrs. Tammie would put it "Man, you guys looked like you were going to throw up or pass put!" To us..David Jay is like meeting Brad Pitt...but David is a way better person!! (he's pretty cute too!) hehe

Then our amazing mothers got in the picture with us! :)

Then we got to meet another AMAZING person; Shyla! She is absoultly gorgeous, has the kinda smile that lights up a room, and is just a down to earth person! PLUS, she has an Iphone..what else can get any better?

Then as a gift to Daivd..Cait and I got him a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts (cause thats his favorite) Then we were going to get him a Kispy Kreme shirt to go with it..but we couldn't find one. So, instead..we got him a Chuck Norris t-shirt. hehe, and he even put it on!! It was awesome!! :)

Then..regis let us go in the bus!! He gave us a pretty cool tour..and let me just say. It..of course, was AMAZING!! SO NICE!! AHH!! So, here is me and Cait just chilling on the bus. hehe

Needless to say, we had an AMAZING night! (If you couldn't tell already. Since I only said 'amazing' over 5 times!!)

I love you Cait!! :)


Cait said...

I'm soo glad we went! It was awesome. THEY were awesome!

gideon said...

looks like a blast!
i must point out 2 things though

1st the, well you know how i feel about that :P

2nd i see this comment of yours about another man! something about being attractive/cute? hmm, should i say anything? i dont think i need to :P

Christi Ann Photography said...

Cait-I'm so glad I went too! I can't imagine going with anyone else. Plus the ride home was just..priceless. haha

Gid-hmm, do i sense a bit of jealousy? I think I do..but. you know how i feel about that. :)

gideon said...

yeah yeah yeah, and you know how if feel about that! :P lol

Leah Bowman said...

I am so glad you guys were able to make it to see him! I can't wait to hear about all you hear from him!!!!