Thursday, July 10, 2008


When we went to Ohio we stopped and looked at my mom's old high school. Which apparently my great-grandfather went to as well. The school is over 200 years old and it is absolutely amazing, beautiful, and very urban looking. But..for some un-known reason, they are going to tare it down this year. So, here are a few pictures from the school!


Cait said...

Cool grunge. Now you'll have to change all your web images to the new and improved colors, designs, and fonts. :)

Christi Ann Photography said...

I'll try! lol, you might have to help me just a little..! :)

Cait said...

Na. Looks great! Keep it up and you'll be more tech savvy than I am! :)

T. Owens said...

Christi! Glad I got to stop by, your work looks great, keep it up! Here's the link/url to Lindseyy's work on Flickr.

take care!
T. Owens