Monday, October 30, 2017

The Taylor Family | Raleigh, NC Family Photographer | Raven Rock

This is such a beautiful time of year to head out to Raven Rock. The leaves are falling, colors are appearing, less sweat while hiking due to the crisp air. We hiked about four miles for this shoot! It was totally worth it.  photo 2106_CAP_-14_zpsubcw3lmd.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-1_zpsw2bkymcs.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-15_zpsybw9wxbw.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-16_zpsowivetej.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-17_zpsy5lb4dt8.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-18_zpsu5ibb1w3.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-3_zpshupsxi4f.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-4_zpstkk1ndpu.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-5_zpsnptu8chp.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-6_zpst6ou71xx.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-7_zps1jxzyqzd.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-8_zps9netbyk9.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-9_zpszky7ffkb.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-10_zpsooiozlk8.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-11_zpsvpgptrkj.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-12_zpsjrvtih2q.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-13_zpsjgvlqkde.jpg

Friday, October 20, 2017

Mallory | Raleigh, NC Senior Photography | Historic Oak View Park | Class of 2018

I love taking senior photos. Had such a blast taking Mallory's photos. The fall colors just started peaking out in the area, as well as the weather getting cooler and it's wonderful.  photo 2106_CAP_-1_zpsorw81mci.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-2_zpsevcgzzdj.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-3_zpshp5vps6s.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-4_zpsqhufgfym.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-5_zpsezozxiwx.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-6_zpsmgbwnyss.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-7_zpsauyeekp4.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-8_zpsidboirwf.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-9_zpsfycgrfie.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-14_zpsivrj3cpi.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-10_zpsowwwf1ib.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-11_zpsgzkzuxke.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-12_zpscw4vz6nm.jpg  photo 2106_CAP_-13_zpsds0gcmqp.jpg